MarketsIO Essentials Data Viewer

Empowering Productivity and Cost Savings

If you are in operations, engineering or development stop paying for expensive desktop terminals to see the data you need to do your job!   

MarketsIO Data Viewer is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) built onto the powerful and easy to use MarketsIO API suite.  All data that is on TREP or any application may be viewed without having to pay the very high prices of a professional market data terminal.

Fully configurable, MarketsIO Viewer is built for development, engineering and operations to display not only the data but all the information about the data that you need to be effective, increase your productivity and cut unnecessary costs.

MarketsIO Data Viewer is priced very low to provide immediate value for any sized organization.  

Please contact us at to obtain your free 30 Day evaluation license of MarketsIO Data Viewer!    

MarketsIO Data Viewer is part of the MarketsIO Essentials value add API suite of capabilities.