MarketsIO Direct

Direct Data and Liquidity Services

MarketsIO Direct delivers data and liquidity services directly from the source to the consumer, with bi-directional data/message flow and authenticated access available.

Direct Made Easy

Obtaining services directly from the content and liquidity providers often exposes functionality not found within third-party service provider delivery and enables you to consume the latest services offered without needing to wait for a third-party service provider to take action. MarketsIO Direct provides a unified API suite to make integration standard, easy and efficient.

Standards Framework

MarketsIO Direct provides the ability to abstract symbology and data model(s) to enable you to standardize your downstream services delivery for efficiency across both the data and liquidity service domains which will  improve to your market insight.

Take Control

Take control of your enterprise landscape and obtain choice on how you source your data and liquidity services.  The MarketsIO Direct framework empowers you to take direct service delivery without the legacy overheads of needing to integrate to many different service provider proprietary environments.

Go Direct To Save

Sourcing data and liquidity directly can lead to savings but has been difficult due to the cost of direct services integration.  MarketsIO Direct powers you to directly source multiple sources within a single API Suite.

More on the way

Pegasus is actively working with clients to build more gateways via the MarketsIO Direct framework - broker and FX gateways available.  

Please reach out and let us know what data and liquidity sources are important to you.