MarketsIO Essentials

API Value Add Capabilities

MarketsIO Essentials is built upon our API suite and delivers significant benefits to enterprise operations and engineering teams.  The MarketsIO Essentials suite consists of several products that will be released in the upcoming weeks.  

MarketsIO Platform Tools for TREP is now available.     

MarketsIO Essentials Platform Tools for TREP provides operations and engineering teams with valuable, easy to use, insight to the platform to enable you to extract significantly more value from your TREP investment. 

Operations Team Features

  • Subscribe to items from the command line with a simple-to-use client
  • Bring up sources during non-trading hours for changes
  • Publish custom data to records via Non-Interactive and Interactive sources
  • Publish data using either on or off stream posts
  • Record data to files that can be easily programmatically compared to other feeds
  • Test watchlist subscriptions for entitlement or other errors/warnings
  • Support new publisher or subscriber application on-boarding

Engineering Team Features

  • Pegasus’ unique Dialogue Channels enable validation of cloud  performance and perform long-running latency tests
  • Simulator tool to test all the features of the platform and drive your ADS/ADH release testing
  • Test functionality of the platform without needing to write applications
  • Mimic API features such as pause/resume from the command line - bringing you much closer to your development community
  • Unique interactive publisher solution with connections inbound to the ADH

Pegasus is going further with MarketsIO Essentials capabilities and we would like feedback from you.  Included within the Platform Tool suite is a Simulator tool that enables feature testing of the TREP platform and is a valuable addition to the TREP community of operators and engineers.

We are interested to know if you have interest in further development of a MarketsIO Simulator tool for full TREP test automation. Testing TREP releases consumes significant time and is repeated over and over in each institution which is inefficient.  We can help consolidate that effort, saving you time and money, while still ensuring robust testing is conducted.  Please let us know your thoughts and contact us to obtain your free evaluation license of MarketsIO Essentials Platform Tools!

Additional MarketsIO Essentials packages will be released in the upcoming weeks.   Watch this space!

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